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Alaska Fishing Guide

Alaska Fishing Guide

There are not many places left in the world that can truly be described as wilderness. Alaska has those places and tourists love to see its pristine environment. Fishing enthusiasts particularly like to come here and any Alaska fishing guide will show that the sport can be pursued by novices or experts in many different locations and catching several different types of fish. Many companies organise fishing vacations in this region.

The Kenai River is a favorite spot for salmon charters, seeking to catch King, Red, Pink and Silver Salmon. Halibut and Trophy Rainbow Trout are also to be found here. Salmon drift boat fishing on the Kasilof is also popular. The boats come equipped with tackle, bait, GPS navigation system, radar and a heated cabin and inside bathroom. The guide provided is an expert in local conditions and finding fish. Many of these charters are part of packages that include lodge style accommodation.

All kinds of fishing are catered for here and an Alaska fishing guide will direct people to the right location or method of fishing that is right for them. Guided charters are available on the remote Talachulitna River, a perfect spot for fly fishing, float fishing or spin fishing. This beautiful area in South Central Alaska gives the opportunity to catch rainbow trout, five different species of Pacific Salmon, dolly varden or Arctic Grayling.

The guides are skilled in fishing and in rafting and all flies and spinners are supplied. After a day’s sport, guests can retire to comfortable riverside camps, equipped with large tents, sleeping bags and cots. They will have worked up an appetite and tasty meals are served. It is a good idea to consult an Alaska fishing guide on what to take along but the basic essentials are clothes, rods, reels and waders.

For those wanting an experience in very remote terrain with a variety of wildlife, traveling to the far north fulfills that dream. The Anvik River Lodge, which can be found in a good Alaska fishing guide, provides comfort, privacy and amenities on the banks of the 120 mile Anvik, which is a tributary of the famous Yukon River. Guests are flown in from Anchorage on private flights. The accommodation includes private baths and a communal dining room, where fresh food including Alaska steak and King Crab are served. They can hope to catch Pacific Salmon, Northern Pike, white fish, shee fish and Arctic Char. There is also the exciting prospect of seeing grizzly bears, moose, otters, wolves, beavers and various species of birds.

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